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Wedding Make-Up - Why you should hire a make-up artist for your big day!
All brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day as they are naturally going to be nothing less than a celebrity for the day. A lot of thought and money undoubtedly goes into the best bridal gown, shoes, jewellery and photographer to capture their natural beauty, but often their face is left with the same make-up that they would wear on a daily basis. 
These days there is so much product choice when it comes to foundations, concealers, eye make-up etc but a true professional make-up artist always knows the best products to use to suit your individual look! As a bride, you don't want to try and create a new look yourself and to be unrecognisable, but at the same time you need to have enough make-up subtly applied to ensure it with-stands the heat and of course the flash of the camera! 
The flash from a camera reduces how make-up looks dramatically.  What you thought was a natural look changes into a no make-up at all look. You also need to watch out for products such as moisturisers, foundations and powders with an SPF that create a white ghostly effect on your face when flash photography is used - so your face will not match your body colour. Eeeek indeed! Other products can affect how shiny your skin appears in your photos. 
Many of us (myself included) play it safe when it comes to make-up and use the same colours, products and techniques every day! A professional make-up artist is trained to look at what colours and techniques are needed to enhance your best features. They also have the best products and tools such as professional make-up brushes that would cost us a small fortune to buy ourselves, readily available! 
Also on the day itself, what better way to know you've got a professional creating your fabulous look with no effort required at all on your part! Professional wedding make-up artists are very much used to working to a schedule and ensure that the bride and bridal party are made up in plenty of time! 
I now believe that building your make-up artist into your budget is essential, particularly for weddings on the Amalfi coast where you certainly need to factor in the heat! You can look back on those beautiful wedding photos and smile knowing that you looked truly incredible in every way! Victoria Morris Wedding Planner  

Ten reasons to get married on the Amalfi Coast, Italy!
If you are considering a wedding abroad and are unsure on which location to choose then here are ten reasons to consider Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast! Romanticised in the 1960s, this coastline was famous for attracting Hollywood movie stars and few places in the world can surpass its spectacular allure with quiet bays, stunning scenery and crystal blue seas. It really is easy to see why this setting is an increasingly popular wedding destination year on year! Victoria Morris Wedding Planner at Sophisticated Weddings gives us her 10 reasons why the Amalfi Coast is an amazing choice for your big day: 
1. The Scenery  
Upon arriving at one of my venues, Villa Antiche Mura in Sorrento, I remember being blown away by the incredible view as I walked up the steps of the villa and looked out over the sea across the bay of Naples. My stomach literally turned over and I could only imagine how excited I would be as a bride, the sun beaming down on the main terrace, aperitif in hand and all of my loved ones around me. The scenery is truly breath-taking across the entire Amalfi coast and definitely needs to be seen to experience the emotion that it instils in you!  
2. The Food 
This is Italy so surely this goes without saying! The Italians of course take great pride in their culinary abilities and the menu suggestions on offer for your big day are amazing. Four courses, often inclusive of a speciality wedding cake are pretty standard! A lot of the venues customise their menus to the bride and groom's individual tastes so you can ensure you and your guests are well catered for!  
3. The Wine 
Obviously Italy is not just famous for its fresh locally sourced food but also the wine that compliments it so well.  
4. The Climate 
Summer in Italy offers temperatures that won't disappoint! The climate in the South of Italy remains mild for most of the year. And even if you get a rainy day, don't despair as Italian tradition deems it lucky for a bride to have rain on her big day. The sun drenched terraces in the summer months overlooking the bay of Naples make for wonderful wedding photographs too.  
5. That's amore! 
Italy is renowned for being the country of love and romance! It's not unusual to see couples strolling through the piazzas hand in hand, gazing into each other's eyes, so what better setting to celebrate your wedding and love for one another? 
6. It's not as expensive as you think! 
Most venues in Sorrento, Ravello and Positano offer amazing packages in incredible settings that back in the UK would undoubtedly cost a small fortune! Your extra budget can be spent on additional activities such as a boat trip to explore the coast or a cooking lesson, wine tasting class or just making the most of your special time spent with friends and family!  
7. Warm hospitality 
The tourist industry is very important in the South of Italy and the Italians are renowned for their warm hospitality. Whether you choose formal dining for your wedding breakfast or something more relaxed, be reassured that you will receive the best service from start to finish, from all of the professionals around you! 
8. Short Flight Time 
Flights to Italy from the UK are affordable for most with many budget airlines offering direct routes from major airports. What's more the flight time is usually under 3 hours to Naples so for friends and family travelling with children they do not have to worry about lengthy flight times! 
9. Customised to you 
Your wedding reception can be as formal or informal as you want it to be, with the timings of the day to suit your requirements. From exclusive villas to smaller restaurants, there is a venue to suit every taste and every budget.  
10. Accommodation options to suit all budgets 
Unlike some long haul destinations, Italy can be done on a budget. Therefore more of your family and friends may be able to make the trip to share in your magical day! 
About us : Sophisticated Weddings organise exceptional weddings across Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast to suit any budget. For more information feel free to contact us via our website www.sophisticatedweddings.net
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