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Planners ready for action
Exclusive by Mary Ferguson 
WEDDING planners have taken legal action against the creators of a website which claimed to name and shame 'cowboy' companies - saying it could ruin their reputation. 
Solicitors have forced weddingplannersuk.net to be removed from the internet and attempts are being made to track down the individuals behind it.  
Copy on the site indicated it was set up by two former brides to warn others about what they called 'cowboy' planners, inviting  
other brides to share their experiences. 
Just before it was taken down, three companies were listed under the 'wedding planners to avoid' section, along with claims that they use false photography on their websites or have been taken to court by disgruntled clients. 
One of these companies contacted by Wedding Professional - who had no idea the site existed - has branded the claims 'total lies', and are fighting to bring the creators of the site to justice. 
Maitland Kalton, partner at Kalton's Technology Solicitors, who specialise in internet law, said: 'Aggrieved people often think they can 'get their own back' via the internet but sometimes go too far. In this case, if the comments were fair and based on fact the website was within its right to print them. 
'However if they can't prove they are true they are opening themselves up to being sued.' 
As well as listing those to avoid, the website featured a section for 'recommended planners' , and invited companies to nominate themselves for inclusion. 
Wedding Professional sent the website hosts numerous emails - the only method of contact - but received no response. 
Kelly Chandler, director of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners added: 'The fact that there were no contact details other than an email address which goes unanswered indicates that the site seemed to serve more as an opportunity to cause damage to the industry rather than seek to do something positive. And this worries us.'
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