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‘We’ll plan your day for free’
By Louise Cordell 
AN ONLINE wedding planning business has come up with an innovative new way to attract customers – it’s offering its services for free.  
Couples who have not yet started planning their wedding, with a budget of £5,000 or over, can now have their big day organised by myweddingplanners.co.uk without paying a penny.  
The website founder, Annette Burgess, said: “Why should professional help be out of the reach of normal people? 
“What many couples don’t realise is that most suppliers will negotiate a commission or finders’ fee for the wedding planner in return for bringing a new customer to them.  
“This can often be a healthy return, even after any negotiated discounts are passed to the couple.”  
She points out that with a large team and supplier portfolio, her planners are in a better position to source and negotiate the best deals possible and, with their budget in experienced hands, the couple can relax.  
Annette added: “After all, we are supposed to enjoy getting married, not spend time struggling to fit meetings and visits into busy schedules.  
“Often the big things are the easiest to arrange, so getting your marriage licence or booking the venue can be straightforward, but where do you find a reliable high quality artist to produce bespoke wedding stationery for sensible money? Or how do you find wedding favours that truly reflect your personality without breaking the bank?” 
The company’s aim is to give every couple the chance to have their wedding planned professionally, regardless of their budget.  
Annette added: “Clearly it is impossible to have everything covered in gold leaf if you do not have the budget to do so, but couples are now able to get the absolute most for their investment by working with an organisation who are dedicated to making the wedding day the absolute best that it can be. 
“Every single couple in the UK who wants to have their wedding planned by a professional is now able to do so, simply by handing their budget over to an organisation that knows how to stretch every single penny.”
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